UPDATE: The 2019 BMW New Vehicle Discount For Trillium Members

Important: Please download the latest discount application form as changes have been made. Do not use previously posted copies.

Read Me First, please: If you have a primary membership in another Canadian chapter that is not/not Trillium, please contact your chapter for details on this programme. If you are a member of the Trillium club (i.e. you applied for membership through this web site), and are a Canadian resident, this form is for you. Regarding Trillium and the BMW CCA: Your country of residency is the critical factor here. If you reside in Canada, a member of the CCA, and your home club is Trillium? Use this process.  A member of Trillium, the CCA, but reside in the United States? Contact the CCA. A member of the CCA, with home club affliation with another US-based club, but now residing in Canada? Add Trillium as a supported club, then contact Trillium for details.

BMW Canada and BMW North America have different programmes with identical goals, to provide a discount to BMW Club members. But, each company does this in different ways.

Details (for Canada) are as follows:

BMW Group Canada is offering a discount equal to 2% (but not greater than $2,000) of a vehicle’s MSRP, irrespective of the price negotiated with the dealer, and applies to single-payment, financed and leased purchase arrangements for members of BMW Club Chapters in Canada.

To be considered eligiable for this discount you must:

  • Be a full member in good standing with the Club (i.e. membership dues are paid up for the current year)
  • Have been a BMW Clubs of Canada Club Member for 12 months or greater. There is NO exception to this BMW Canada mandated rule.
  • If you are a member of another BMW Club chapter in Canada or BMW CCA, please contact your local chapter.

How to Apply

  • Download the application form by clicking on the following link: Download Discount Approval Form
  • Fill out the application and email it to the president of your local BMW Clubs of Canada chapter, (president@trilliumbmwclub.ca) .  The president will then provide written approval of your eligibility status and send your request to the Executive Director of the BMWCCA.
  • Once approved and processed by BMW Canada, the member will then be sent a VIP Letter by BMW Group Canada. The member has 6 months in which to use that letter, which authorises the dealer to subtract the discount from the final price. When the member is completing his/her purchase, he/she must produce the (original) VIP Letter to the dealer.


  • Members must agree to not sell the vehicle for one year from the date of delivery. Group sales are not eligible.
  • The discount does not apply to used (pre-owned) vehicles, motorcycles (new/used), Mini vehicles (new/used) or Rolls-Royce vehicles (new/used). What about 'Demo' vehicles? Vehicles may be  considered 1) New, 2) New (as Demo), 3) Used (preowned). These are categories of ownership, not age or amount of use. A 'new' vehicle is one where the initial registrant is the manufacturer's authorized dealership. A dealership may use a new vehicle as a demonstrator but as long as ownership does not change hands, it is a new vehicle (New as Demo) and the discount applies. Occasionally, a new vehicle may be transferred to the 'used (preowned)' department, which often is a legally separate business. If ownership status has changed from 'New' to 'Used' that would disqualify the vehicle from the BMW discount programme. This information is for explanation purposes only. Always confirm with the dealership whether a vehicle you intend to purchase is considered 'New' or 'Used'.
  • BMW Group Canada reserves the right to terminate the program with 30 days’ notice and may limit the extent of the discount at any time.
  • BMW Group Canada reserves the right to exclude certain models from the discount programme.
  • Cases of abuse or inappropriate conduct will result in individuals losing the right to a membership reward.
  • In cases where BMW Group Canada restricts or denies access to the discount, Trillium BMW Club members do not/not qualify for membership fee reversal. According to club membership policy, membership fees are non-refundable.

I've got a question! Please forward any questions, queries or comments to Trillium's club president, president@trilliumbmwclub.ca